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The Garage: Games & Geekery, our story.

The sign out front of The Garage the day it was put up.

The Garage: Games & Geekery is the creation of Rob and Blake, two friends, gamers and hobbyists.  The concept is pretty simple, to create the game store and playspace we both wish we had when we were in our teens.  The space is always evolving and getting closer and closer to our complete vision.

Rob has been gaming since as long as he can remember.  From card and board games with the family to Dungeons & Dragons in his preteens.  Rob was also a model builder and model railroader in his youth, but once he discovered pen and paper role playing games, the modelling took a backseat.  D&D is what made him explore the more in depth games.  For Rob this journey started with his first game store, Let the Games Begin, opened in 2007 with his then wife Nicole.  With the stresses of working with a spouse the store and marriage both ended.  In 2015 Rob gave it another shot with Chez Geek Boutique, which closed as Blake and Rob opened The Garage: Games & Geekery.

Blake had a similar upbringing, Dungeons & Dragons in his preteens spurred much of his growth in gaming, in to Warhammer and Warhammer 40K, or Rogue Trader as it started off in those days.  Also an avid hobbyist and model builder – his painting skills and customising skills are enviable.

The Garage: Games & Geekery logo

The Garage: Games & Geekery logo takes elements from the previous stores Rob has run.  The GAMES font is from the Let the Games Begin logo and the GEEKERY font is from Chez Geek Boutique.  The colour of the logo is from the first Weezer album where the song, In The Garage, that inspired the name of The Garage appears.

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